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How we start


In 2016 Grace started a knitwear brand in Europe empowered by a large community of female artisans in Puno. It positioned itself in the European sustainable market and its operations began in Lima.


In 2017, she contacted Fatima (her great friend from university) to propose a business opportunity, to create a company focused on manufacturing and creating ancestral and innovative knitted designs adapted to the needs of international brands. With values and a clear mission to generate jobs for artisans in Peru and the world would recognize Peru as the key destination for the manufacture of sustainable knitwear.

They became business partners and their friendship grew so much that they now consider themselves family.


Founded by Grace W. and Fatima P.

We started our operations with 2 brands and worked with 45 artisans specialists in handmade and manual machines from Puno and Juliaca (Southern provinces in Peru)


Growing our client portfolio and artisans networking


We began to design, develop and produce for 5 international brands. Therefore, our collaborations with artisans diversified in 3 more provinces: Lima, Ancash and Arequipa, managing to work with 120 artisans specialized in knitting.

exporter manufacturer knitwear.jpg


Covid-19 and a big opportunity

Loungewear took over the market and many chose to consider knitwear. One of our largest clients in Los Angeles gave us the opportunity to manufacture their knitwear collections and the rest is history!

Our client portfolio grew to 10 fashion brands and we hired our first Account Manager.

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Our 1st Award! and a great year in sales

We won the Peruvian Company Award, exporting SMEs category 2021.

Also, we built up to more than 10 fashion brands, we gained loyalty from the old ones, and we collaborated with 180 artisans.

Likewise, we expanded our number of export countries to 6.


Opening of our commercial office in The Netherlands

We opened a spot in Strijp-S, Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Strijp-S is the creative, design and innovation district of the city of Eindhoven. This opportunity gave us the opportunity to be closer to our European clients and manage processes more optimally due to the time zone.

Besides, we led the development and large production of our largest project yet, for a famous and historic American athletic brand for men.

Our team grew to 6 members, 250 artisans and more than 15 fashion brands.

microlab eindhoven.jpg


We obtained our Certifications

  • Peru Brand Licensees

  • Certification of Good Fair Trade Practices

We participated in trade fairs representing Peru in Tokyo and New York. We continue working with our 250 artisans from 4 provinces.


Our Commitment



We are a sourcing agent service company for B2B commercial management, design, logistics, subcontracted production, quality control and packaging of knitted garments made with Alpaca, Cotton and Blend yarns for international companies.

Our commitment is to permanently apply and promote fair trade practices with our workers, suppliers, customers and community. Offering premium quality products that combine modern technology with ancestral tradition, focusing our processes on ethical and social responsibility practices.


To achieve growth in the Peruvian export market and be perceived as a solid, modern and humane company, which values the ancestral traditions of Peruvian knitting, combining it with avant garde techniques.


  • Teamwork: Along our entire value chain.

  • Commitment: To a work based on excellence with the client and with our suppliers.

  • Respect: To our ancient Peruvian knitting culture.

  • Quality: Always offer high-quality knitwear.

Teammwork makes the dream work


John C. Maxwell


Our Features

Our Artisans and Suppliers

Handmade Specialists

Our artisans located in Ancash and Puno, specialists in knitting by hand: sticks, crochet, macramé and embroidery; are communities of women led by women who have been passionately committed to knitting for generations. Experience, dedication, patience, attention to detail, and skill are the perfect formula to create knitted clothing with history and high quality.

Electronic Machine Specialists

Industrial machines require the expertise of technician artisans who elaborate a program to develop the pattern for the final garment. This program shows a preview of what the knit will be when it’s done: the aspect, the design, colors, and figures included, etc. We work with gauges from 3 to 12 gg. 

Manual Machine Specialists

Artisanal or manual machines experts, called this way because they still need manual intervention to function.

The artisans work row by row using the machine as support.

This allows preserving their techniques while making the process a bit faster with a machine. In that sense, artisanal machines perpetuate the culture, sustainability and identity of our country.

Yarn Mill Suppliers

We work with yarn from the biggest and most prestigious yarn mill companies in Peru. We use yarn from stock service that means we buy yarn as from 1kg up. We work with a variety of materials such as: Tanguis Cotton, Organic Cotton, Baby Alpaca, Alpaca, Merino Wool with Blends, natural blends, etc.

Learn about the certifications of our suppliers HERE

Meet out team

Our professional team is in charge of all our projects, from the first contact with our customers, to the sourcing and design of technical sheets, to the coordination with our artisans and suppliers, handmade and machine manufacturing, logistics, export and each link in the important chain for the success of our knitwear projects.

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