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Our services include sourcing for knitting manufactures among a wide range of small groups of artisans and industrial factories with capacity for large-scale productions. We encourage ethical fashion and sustainable trade, organic materials, fair-trade and certified manufactures.

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Our services step by step:

  1. Searching for appropriate yarn and accessories suppliers.

  2. Selection of raw materials.

  3. Communication, assessment and follow-ups.

  4. Cost analysis according to your target price.

  5. Development of spec sheets and technical designs.

  6. Development of swatch's, prototype's and SMS according to your standards.

  7. Development and production tracking and supervision.

  8. Quality control, labeling and packing.

  9. Reporting on development and production process​

  10. Handling of orders, estimate quotes and payments.

  11. Export and shipping to the country of destination.

  12. Photos, interviews or other content you need for branding to help telling the story behind your product.


Currently, we export to Canada, U.S.A, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, among other countries.


Free Trade Agreement - Export

Since 1st of March, 2013 Peru signed the Free Trade Agreement with the EU and other territories. This agreement is very positive because we can export our garments and the customers don’t have to pay the customs tariff. We only have to arrange the “certificate of origin” which serves as documentation for avoiding to pay customs and taxes at import due to the free trade agreement between Peru and more 60 countries.

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