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Artisanal Knitwear Manufacturing

Our Experience

  • Affordable MOQ vs market average.

  • +10 years of knitwear manufacturing know-how.

  • A large and strong network of artisanal Peruvian knitters in more than 5 provinces in Peru

  • Offices based in Lima, Peru and Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

  • The best Quality Control procedures and protocols led by our team, Quality Control Masters of Knit-Lab Peru. We offer a program for older adults 50 and older.

  • Team with experience in logistics, export and import regarding knitwear production. With knowledge of customs taxes, free trade agreements, government tax charges.

  • We work with EXW prices, but we support the coordination of transportation and shipping. We handle rates negotiated with DHL and long-established intermediaries worldwide.

Learn about our Peruvian raw materials and process.

Our Knitwear Materials

Alpaca and Baby Alpaca

They are raised on the mountains, savannas and pastures of the Andean altiplano in Peru at heights between 3500 and 5000 meters. The Alpaca has developed a unique coat whose cell structure is similar to human hair.

Unlike wool and cashmere, Alpaca hair is hollow which allows the air trapped inside to expand and contract with temperature variations, they can withstand variations ranging from 30ºC during the day to -20 °C at night. Moreover, it is estimated that more than 4 million Alpacas live in South America and 90% come from the southern Peru.

There are two types of alpacas, the alpaca Suri, which has a very long, mop-like coat; and the alpaca huacaya, whose coat is shorter and curly, like that of a sheep.

The most valuable alpaca fiber is Baby alpaca, which is softer and finer than adult fiber. In fact, Baby Alpaca is not the fiber from a baby animal; rather, it is the first shear on a young animal, 3 years old. These are the reasons why knit manufacturers love it.



Soft, silky, durable fibre and not inflammable.


Its micron count (or fineness) before being spun into yarn, being its grade 20 – 22.9 microns.


Hypoallergenic and resists solar radiation.



Very long-life material being a key for environmental care and for knitwear suppliers.


They have 24 natural shades


Unique thermal properties due to microscopic air bubbles found inside the hair. These bubbles allow the user to “breathe” through the fibres on hot days and in much the same way, to retain body heat in cold climates.

Pima and Tanguis Cotton

One of the most valued fibres worldwide by custom knitwear manufacturers is the Pima Cotton, a variety that is grown along the northern coastal valleys of Peru where the ideal temperature and perfect atmospheric conditions produce a cotton of exceptional lustre and softness.

Important brands such as Armani Exchange, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and Lacoste prefer to work with Peruvian Pima Cotton as it allows a very fine and even spinning. Due to its attributes, clothes that are light as well as highly durable and resistant to washing can be produced. Also, since it’s white, it’s easy to dye and obtain garments with a great diversity of shades.

Peru produces four other varieties of cotton: Supima , Tangüis , Del Cerro and Áspero Pima.



Highly durable (up to 50% more resistant than other standard varieties of cotton)


Soft and smooth


Resistant to pilling



The long staple length of Pima Cotton (approximately 3.5 centimetres nearly twice as long as ordinary cotton) results in a fabric which is highly quality.




Perfect to sensitive skin

Sustainable and Ethical Manufacturing

Peru is one of the main exporters of knitted garments in the world, with a rich textile heritage of 5,000 years and standing out for the production of fibers including Vicuña, Alpaca, and Pima and Tangüis cottons, an advantage for sustainable knitwear manufacturers. Ancestral experience, ethical manufacturing, traceability, creativity and natural fiber producer country, makes us the key sourcing, development and manufacturing destination for knitwear brands and designers.


women artisan knitting knit lab peru

The Art of Knitwear is a unique combination of artisanal expertise and innovation

woman wearing a light blue knitted pullover knit lab peru


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