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How to start a clothing brand?

If you have a passion for fashion, starting a clothing business might be a great way to turn your skills and creativity into a career. We’ll start this article with an obvious but important question: Can starting a clothing brand make money? Don’t miss these tips proposed by our fashion brand consultants.

Can starting a clothing brand make money?

Yes, starting a clothing brand is a great way to make money. While the clothing industry may feel saturated, there's always room for new players to join the game. Modern consumers have unique styles and preferences, and new clothing brands pop up all the time and experience significant success.

Benefits of starting a clothing brand

  • Freedom and independence: You control product design, brand image, and marketing tactics.

  • Profit potential: With the vast fashion market, even niche, small-scale businesses can flourish by providing unique and high-quality items.

  • Community engagement: It heightens your connection to your community by offering trends they love, understanding their style preferences, and possibly sourcing local materials.

  • Learning opportunities: It's a challenging responsibility, yet ultimately rewarding as it promotes personal and professional growth.

  • Potential expansion: If your line becomes widely successful, you can have a chance at expanding your business, even venturing into other lines or related products.

  • Contributing to the fashion industry: It's an opportunity to create, share, and revolutionize design concepts, redefining fashion.

How much does it cost to start a clothing brand?

You'll need to account for shipping costs, marketing efforts, and the methods you'll use to source your clothing. For more cost-effective options when getting your business off the ground, a print on demand service takes the heavy lifting out of sourcing and creating all your clothing. This type of supplier can handle the creation of clothing, fulfillment, and shipping, saving you a lot of time and money as you get started.

Nine steps to start a clothing business:

1. Find Your Niche

This will help you to create a product line that resonates with your target market and build a solid brand. Picking a niche means playing to your strengths.

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2. Know Your Audience

You can easily imagine who would wear your clothes, but you also have to find where they congregate and how to reach them.

3. Create a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan essentially establishes how you will market your clothing line, and with that, can greatly guide how you go about product distribution and advertising strategies.

4. Name Your Brand and Create Brand Assets

Once you have a business name, choose a slogan (optional), a brand color scheme, and create your logo.

5. Register Your Business

You will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to accept payments for your products. And to get an EIN, you need to register as a business. Additionally, it also enables you to get wholesale pricing and work with retailers.

6. Design and Source Your Products

There are three main ways:

  • Buy products from wholesalers

  • Design your own and have them manufactured

  • Design and sew your own in-house

Of course, which you choose will depend on how you plan to sell your products.

7. Price Your Products

Pricing products in fashion is largely determined by two key variables. First, the cost of goods sold (COGS), such as labor expenses and cost of materials, and second, by the niche you’ve chosen to target.

8. Distribute Your Products

Clothing businesses have a number of distribution options available, from selling directly via their own website and selling on third-party sites such as Amazon and Etsy, to selling in-store, through local retailers, or national big box retailers. To maximize your exposure and increase your sales, it’s generally best to plan to distribute and sell your products via multiple channels.

9. Market Your Clothing Brand

You want to choose marketing channels that reach your particular target market. When choosing the right marketing strategies and channels for your clothing business, remember to always keep your brand in mind. As with choosing distribution channels, you will also want to use multiple marketing channels for maximum exposure.

Bottom Line

Starting a clothing business is a great way to merge creative passion and business sense. It also gives you the opportunity to see your artistic work on people on the street, while turning your passions into a profitable business.

If you are looking to make a business with alpaca fiber our services at Knit-Lab Peru include sourcing for knitting manufactures and a wide range of artisans and industrial factories for large-scale productions. Contact us for more info!

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